Which PPEs are needed for workers that could suffer from electrical risks?

Which PPEs are needed for workers that could suffer from electrical risks?

PPEs were not very known, not so long ago. Nowadays, they are the first thing to come up when talking about Job Safety Analysis. Workers that could suffer from electrical risks need to have special care.

Therefore, Protective Personal Equipment (PPEs) have to be designed to protect from head to toe. In order to choose the appropriate occupational uniform for professionals that work under low pressure, it is important to be informed about possible dangers.

Necessary PPE for workers that could have electrical risks

The PPE’s standards determine which protection is needed for each worker, depending on each job position. In general terms, each part of the body would need to be covered. So, we can start talking about the head and finish at other dangerous areas that are usually less protected. However they cannot be forgotten because they need a proper protection for some risky occupational activities.


The minimum protection needed, for this important area of the body, is a hard protective helmet, in case something falls off. Besides, helmets need to be manufactured of a material that avoids the conduction of electrical current. For numerous jobs of the electrical sector, helmets have to be complemented with other gadgets, which may be integrated into the helmet itself. Those are needed to protect the eyes and the face. Some of them are only effective to protect against spatters and other are effective against ultraviolet rays.


Hands are used as the main tool to make almost any job. Therefore, they need a specific protection depending on each job. For electrical risky activities, electrical insulating gloves are needed. We have to make sure about the proper size in order to fit our hands properly so they can be efficient.


Some heavy objects or electrical charge may fall on the feet. So, safety footwear is needed in order to make any job in this sector. Therefore, they should be made of class 2 polymers that can assure the comfort of the feet and avoid the conductivity through water. They can be found in some specialized shops.

Rest of the body

Besides of all those parts above of a uniform, it is important to have some guaranties of having a proper suit. There are areas less exposed to danger (belly, back, knees…) but some object may fall on them or suffer from uncontrolled electricity. For this reason, they cannot be left without protection.

Now we know more in detail about safety uniform parts. The need of using a proper PPE is undeniable. Only thereby, the occupational needs for all the staff of the sector will be fulfilled.