The purpose of this Information Security Policy is to protect FAL Calzados de Seguridad, S.A.’s information assets.

The objectives of the information security policy are as follows:

  • Information is protected against loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity.
  • The information is protected against unauthorised access.
  • Its compliance with security business requirements, legal or regulatory requirements, contractual security obligations and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.
  • Security incidents are reported and dealt with appropriately.
  • Controls are established to ensure adherence to the Security Policy, to align with the organisation’s risk management strategy and to establish risk estimation criteria.
  • The Information Security Officer shall be responsible for maintaining this policy and procedures and for providing support in its implementation.
  • Each employee is responsible for complying with this Policy and its procedures as applicable to his or her job.
  • It is the policy of FAL Calzados de Seguridad S.A. to implement, maintain, monitor and continuously improve the ISMS.
  • This policy has been approved by the management of FAL Calzados de Seguridad S.A., and will be reviewed annually.