FTX9000 - FTX9000C - FTX9000BOA - FTX9000BOAC MODELS

Machine wash according to standard UNE-EN ISO 19954:

Temperature from 30 °C to 35 °C

Washing time: 30 minutes

Drum speed: 5.4 rad/s ± 0.5 rad/s.

ECE reference detergent 98 without optical brightener consisting of:

  • Detergent 98 without phosphate
  • Sodium perborate tetrahydrate
  • EDTA

It is recommended that the pH is not above 10.

Do not use bleach.

Leave to air dry or dry with warm air (not above 30 °C)

Drying in the sun may lead to colour changes, although the properties of the boot will not be diminished.

Do not wring out the boot by twisting.


Wash at 30ºWash at 30º

Do not bleachDo not bleach

Do not use a drying machineDo not use a drying machine

Do not ironDo not iron

Do not twistDo not twist