Which is the equipment for an ambulance workers according to JSA

Which is the equipment for an ambulance workers according to JSA

They work in emergency situations and very fast. In the ambulances there are several professionals, drivers and health professionals who are exposed to various risks in their daily job.

To avoid accidents their clothing must be adequate, as indicated in the JSA.

Which equipment should ambulance workers wear?

Ambulance workers are exposed to many risks in their day to day. The first is to be punctured by a needle used in a patient. That is why they need to wear appropriate gloves. Besides, these gloves will be useful in order to avoid staining their hands with any substance that the patient expels, this is the same purpose mask or glasses have.

Their clothes must be comfortable enough to be able to move freely and be comfortable in the performance of their work. In addition, they must be brightly coloured and have some type of reflective signs, since sometimes they must work in poorly lit areas risking to crash or be driven over.

On many occasions feet are neglected, however they must also be protected. Safety boots will protect ambulance workers from objects that may fall when moving a patient. They must also be special for this work to ensure hygiene according to regulations.

PPE depending on the activity to be carried out at all times

In addition to proper clothing and safety boots, ambulance workers must add certain accessories to their outfit when saving an injured person.

– The need for gloves, glasses and masks has already been discussed so that there is no risk of splashing.

– Sometimes they will be forced to make efforts when moving patients. The use of lumbar corset is important in order to avoid muscle injuries.

– When cleaning the ambulance, they must wear safety gloves, preferably rubber ones, and boots that keep their feet from getting wet.

– When mechanical activities have to be carried out, they must be protected with special gloves and their boots must include a reinforced toe.

Care for the caregiver

Professional work of people who go inside an ambulance is essential. They are the first to reach emergencies and constantly face risks. For all this, it is really important that they are protected, in order to avoid injuries and serious problems. It is important that protective material, masks, safety glasses, appropriate safety boots or other equipment indicated in JSA, is available at all times and can be replaced in case of loss or deterioration. Many lives depend on them and it is important to take care of their physical integrity.