What is waterproofer and what is it used for?

What is waterproofer and what is it used for?

Water repellents are products that are used to prevent water and moisture from penetrating something, avoiding condensation and mould to appear.

There are water-repellent products both in the construction and in the textile and footwear sectors. We will talk about this second type in this post.

How is water-repellent different from waterproofer?

Water-repellent is not the same as waterproof, since its properties are totally different. On the one hand, waterproof fabrics are used as a barrier so that water or some liquid does not leak inside by their own pressure made on the footwear. On the other hand, water-repellent materials in boots or in the textile world serve to allow liquids to slide on the surface. In this way, they do not get wet and also allow the foot to breathe.

Basically, the main difference is that water-repellent repels water and waterproofer prevents water from passing through. Water-repellent is used as a treatment in multiple products of the different Fal ranges.

Models such as the Industrial Plus Range IPR300G, a safety footwear for the industrial sector, made of technological materials that provide improvements over traditional ones with safety elements such as the non-metallic toe cap and anti-perforation insole or the PWT500 boot from the Power Tech Range, a boot for the security forces, forestry and industrial firefighter sectors, are models with water-repellent textile material. Or the GTX850HR model from Gore-Tex Range which, in addition to being made of water-repellent nubuck leather and cordura-type textile boot, has Gore-Tex favouring optimal climatic comfort (breathability and waterproofing). These are some examples of the wide range that can be found with this technology.

Products with waterproofing:
Another item that takes advantage of this innovation is waterproof laces. Our laces are 100% polyester made of three colours and their measurement is 160 centimetres. We sell them in our online store in packs of 30 pairs.

Without a doubt, the water-repellent is a complement for the maintenance of your safety boots in environments with high humidity or water. If you want to tell us something about the subject or have any questions, write to us here or on our networks.