What is a PPE?

What is a PPE?

What is a PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This equipment includes safety elements and measures so an employee can safely work reducing the risk against his physical health and integrity. Furthermore, PPE stands for any protective element or accessory. So that, workers can make task considered as dangerous, but minimising the risk of being damaged.

A PPE can be made by one or more safety elements, which are designed to protect against one or more risks. In addition, PPE also stands for any interchangeable component that is essential for the proper PPE operation.

This equipment may be only used when there is an obvious health risk which cannot be cancelled out in other ways. For example: an electrician should wear gloves to handle cables if the electrical current has not been turned off.

How should they be used?

PPE must be included in a global plan that evaluates risks and establishes which PPE is more appropriate for each case. Furthermore, every employee should receive the required training to be able to use, maintain and repair them, if needed. So that, each worker will know when they should use them and if the PPE is in a good state.

Besides, PPE should have the CE marking, which certifies that they are effective when reducing the health risks that a worker can suffer. Each PPE will have this symbol in a visible place and in a legible way. This symbol should resist the entire shelf life of the equipment; otherwise, their efficiency may be doubted.

They must also have an informative brochure from the producer to give instructions about stocking, cleaning, maintenance, technical specification, level of protection, or when this PPE will no longer provide the protection needed, between some other information. So the PPE users will have all the information they need in order to give a good use, in addition to the previous training they must have received.

In few words, without PPEs, some work tasks would be much more risky and the health of many workers would be in continuous danger. Risk are reduce to minimum thank PPEs, but only when used in a proper way and during the time that they are effective.