What are the functions of the people in charge of JSA?

What are the functions of the people in charge of JSA?

Any company needs a JSA technician. Their role, according to the Spanish law, is to train workers on the risks, safety and health in the workplace, carrying out the necessary control and in each specific position.

In JSA there are different functions and responsibilities according to the person in charge.

What are the duties of the person responsible of JSA?

JSA specific functions in a company depend on whether the person in charge works in a basic level, in a middle or in a high one, since each higher level completes the previous one.


At the basic level, safe habits are promoted in the company. Therefore basic preventive measures, such as the use of PPE, are implemented correctly. At the same time, the person in charge evaluates and controls risks by attending to suggestions or complaints that the company receives, recording relevant information and making visits to check specific conditions.


At the middle level, measures are also promoted to reduce and control risks, so that the company acquires healthier work habits. However, in addition, workers are trained and compliance with the measures is controlled, along with evaluating possible risks.


At the highest level, planning of all preventive activities is added in addition to the promotion of measures and the training of workers. The person in charge will collaborate with the prevention services and will address how to act in the event of an emergency at the work place. Furthermore, criteria is measured and interpreted and the health of the workers is monitored.

Which companies are obliged to have a person in charge?

The prevention of occupational risks depends, in Spain, on the Spanish Ministry of Labor. In addition, it is a necessary position in all those cases where the health of the workers may be in danger. So that, a monitoring focused on prevention is carried out, as well as control measures and management of problems in the company in order to improve working conditions.

What kind of studies is needed?

The level of studies in JSA also depends on the level. For the basic level, professional training is necessary. A master degree is required in the case of the intermediate level, while in the high level, you must have an specialty of family medicine.

In summary, JSA technicians will have, at any level, an official training that follows the requirements of the law and he/she, directly or indirectly, will collaborate with the company. Their functions are to improve working conditions, advice, assess safety and risks, as well as carry out the pertinent monitoring.