The risks of wearing inappropriate safety shoes

The risks of wearing inappropriate safety shoes

Safety footwear is an essential element for protection depending on the job position. Wearing shoes that do not meet the necessary requirements or that do not fit the foot can suppose serious consequences.

For this reason, it is very important that you always try to use the ones that are appropriate for you, otherwise, they will not fulfill their function or they can harm your feet. We are going to see some problems that wearing inappropriate shoes can bring.

Less safety

The first consequence, and probably the most obvious one, is that safety shoes, that are not appropriate for the worker who uses them, will not fulfill their function. Imagine that you work in a cold place in the open air, in that case, the footwear has to offer you thermal protection or you could end up having health problems, some of them very serious. This can happen in any type of work that requires protection: footwear must meet the minimum necessary requirements to perform the tasks that correspond.

On the other hand, very important, is the fact that the shoes have a non-slip sole. Especially in certain areas, wearing a slippery shoe is dangerous, and that a bad fall can lead to serious injuries.

Health problems resulting from inadequate footwear.

Wearing inappropriate safety shoes increases work risks, furthermore wearing shoes that do not fit your foot is also a problem, even if they meet the requested safety standards. In this regard, what should you check? The shoe must not press your foot and must let it breathe, among other things.

Bunions and plantar fasciitis are just two of the many problems you might have if you do not give importance to wearing shoes that fit your foot. You could also suffer from backache if the discomfort makes you have a bad posture or even your could have your blood circulation worsened if the shoe tightens too much. Do you usually notice your feet swollen? If so, you should know that this is not a good sign and you should not downplay it, maybe it is time to change footwear.

Skin is also affected by bad shoes, specifically in cases where they do not allow the foot to breathe. Suffering from dermatitis would be usual, it is quite uncomfortable but avoidable if the cause is the one we are explaining.

In short, you see that wearing good safety shoes is important. First of all, try to fulfill the needed protective functions, but also try that your shoes do not press your foot or let it be too loose: the shoe must hold. A good choice means avoiding many problems.