The importance of safety footwear

The importance of safety footwear

One of the main measures that are usually taken to prevent possible occupational risks is the use of so-called safety footwear.

Therefore, this article will explain its main characteristics and its most outstanding health benefits.

Main features of safety footwear

Safety footwear are footwear that has the main function of protecting the feet from possible accidents. It complies with the regulation UNE-EN ISO 20345. One of the most important features of safety shoes is the presence of safety pieces that allow to protect the front of the feet. This is called a safety toecap.

On the other hand, the material and the design ensure maximum protection against any impact of 200 J, as well as against the possible compression of a maximum load of 15 KJ. Besides, footwear also have resistance against slipping, offering adhesion and preventing possible slips that can result dangerous.

This type of footwear is part of the so-called PPE (personal protective equipment) and is mandatory in certain jobs. In some sectors, the feet are exposed to dangers such as the possible fall of certain heavy objects, as well as slips and punctures. They can also come into contact with different chemicals. The use of good shoes will serve to prevent all these risks and, in addition, will avoid many pains in both the feet and back.

Main health benefits of these boots

The use of specialized safety shoes offers multiple benefits for the safety and health of workers. In addition to ensuring the protection of the lower extremities against impacts, compression or slippage, it will also prevent puncture or possible electric shocks depending on the type of footwear. It would be an antistatic footwear, with insulating properties.

It can also guarantee protection against fuel oil, and its design ensures a correct posture of the worker. This is especially important in all those positions that require a lot of time standing. You may start to suffer from back problems. There are different types of footwear depending on whether you work inside or outside.

The best types of shoes are those that offer a combination of safety and lightness. Nor should we forget the importance of employee comfort, since a heavy boot could be uncomfortable and prevent proper work performance in their day to day. Also, as far as possible they can be breathable to keep the foot cool and dry at all times without any complications.

In conclusion, safety footwear is part of each employee’s personal protective equipment. There are many companies that are obliged to provide first class boots to prevent many risks associated with work activity.