The importance of insoles in safety footwear

The importance of insoles in safety footwear

In the use of safety footwear, not only boots and socks must be taken into account: insoles are also very important for the good health and comfort of your feet during the working day.

It is convenient to choose insoles that suit your needs and the footwear you are going to use.

Why are they important?

Insoles complement safety footwear as they help to absorb the moisture in the boots and prevent the appearance of odours.

Another important quality of insoles is that they reduce foot fatigue. They are recommended to use since they help prevent injuries and pain by working as a support to the arch of the foot. Some problems that the use of insoles solves are plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma.

This shoe accessory also helps by absorbing shocks. As the surface area increases, the hits are a little less pronounced. Thanks to their additional padding, they also give greater comfort when walking and will make your workday more bearable.

How to change them in a proper way?

Sometimes the insoles can be complemented with those that come with safety footwear. If you want to replace them, due to wear or for some other reason, there would be no problem.

Before putting on the new insole, make sure the boot is completely clean inside. If you need to remove a glued insole, use something to heat up the glue like a hair dryer to help it peel off better.

In the event that the new insole bends when inserted into the boot, carefully cut the edges until you consider that it already fits correctly and does not bend. Don’t cut too much because you don’t want the insoles to slip inside your footwear.

At Fal Seguridad we offer two types of insoles for safety footwear:

Comfort Insoles
They are 100% breathable, ergonomic and light. They provide maximum comfort, are antistatic and also have high resistance to abrasion. They carry active carbon, they are antibacterial and made of two densities.

They are available by size and are manufactured from 36 to 49.

Multi-size Insoles
They are made of 3 layers: warm multi-coloured fabric, activated carbon and high-density foam with non-slip relief. In addition, they are antibacterial and antistatic.

As they are multi-size, they have to be cut along the dotted line, choosing the most convinient one. They are suitable for footwear between 35 and 47.

Hopefully these keys will be useful as a reference for the health of your feet in the work environment. It is clear that comfort at work will not only depend on the footwear or socks that are used: choose your safety insoles well to take care of the lower extremities.