Tactical Boots

Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are designed to endure all kinds of extreme activities. These are the type of working conditions that State Security Forces tend to have.

However, other private security specialists also enjoy the benefits of this class of footwear, which are lightness and resistance. Besides, when they are planned to be purchased for an entire staff, they provide a high level of professional uniformity among the employees.

How to choose the right tactical boots?

There are quite a few factors to consider when selecting the right tactical footwear. Of course, their use must have a high relevance in the choice.

Defining needs

The first thing is to answer questions such as: what type of terrain are you going to cover? What is the intensity of the police work? Or what kind of weather will the boots endure? Well, the sole is the most determining element and influences the answer to all the questions above. It must be made of a very resistant material and withstand different humidity conditions.

Make a list of basic characteristics

After evaluating the general conditions in which the work will be performed and the recommended materials for each scenario, it is time to make a list of basic properties that the product must cover. For example, if they are going to be used in a dry weather, it would be advisable to look for boots with a breathable membrane, and so on.

Evaluate the first contact

Sometimes, when it comes to comfort, it is not possible to know how comfortable a boot will be until they are worn. During this phase, you should check the comfort they offer. Another tip: better not to wear them for the first time in the most intense moments.

Types of tactical boots recommended by activity

Below are some examples of professional activity and the recommended product in each case.

Local police or security guards

For members of these two groups, the most recommended option is the Fal Predator boot, which provides protection without losing comfort. It has a GORE-TEX® membrane that keeps their feet cool in summer and dry in winter.

National Police

For the National Police, the Fal Patrol boot offers many benefits. It is a very resistant alternative with waterproof fabric with high breathability and resistance to abrasion, a quality highly appreciated when exposed to all kinds of unexpected events.

Forest officers

Finally, forest agents prioritize the adaptability of footwear to all types of terrain, so Fal Forestal boots, recommended for steep surfaces, are the best option.

To sum up, choosing the right tactical boots requires some analysis. By following the advices mentioned above, it is possible to face the decision with complete certainty.

Tactical Boots