Sports, Work Hazard Prevention and Productivity

Sports, Work Hazard Prevention and Productivity

There is a clear relationship between sports, work hazard prevention and productivity. Companies are increasingly concerned about working on aspects that affect the productivity of their employees, and sport is undoubtedly one of the most relevant.

Sport and Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees. In any company, from an SME to a multinational, this is a completely true assertion. Sport is increasingly established as a daily practice for the whole population, especially for young people. This is important to take into account if the company staff is composed of a large number of young people.

Obesity prevention is a parameter to be taken into account. Overweight employees are not only unhappier on an emotional level, but they need more energetic, physical and material resources to perform at the same level as other colleagues. From special or ergonomic chairs to a greater feeling of heat in summer, this leads to a higher expense on air conditioning, above the average.

Reasonable and prolonged physical activity allows staff to be emotionally and physically active. Exercise releases endorphins (the well-known happiness hormone) that improve the quality of individual, family and, therefore, business life.

Work Hazard Prevention as a systematization of Productivity

Keep in mind that companies can contribute to having happier and more productive employees. Many companies organize group trips or meetings in order to do all kinds of outdoor activities. This improves trust among employees, creates collective dynamics and improves the performance of each worker.

Work Hazard Prevention is increasingly introduced in companies because it allows employees to perform better and to be more productive.