SNEAKERS by Fal Seguridad, safe and especially breathable

SNEAKERS by Fal Seguridad, safe and especially breathable

Feet suffer from an excess of heat during the working day so breathable footwear that protects from external agents at the same time is needed. Therefore Fal Seguridad’s Sneaker line is the right one to choose for those situations: a particularly breathable footwear collection having a very modern and sporty look.

Fal Seguridad keeps promoting its Sneaker line, a collection of safety footwear having a sporty look, well-suited with daily informal clothing, which the worker will feel very comfortable with. They are both, fresh and safe at work and at the end of their working day. Their ground-breaking and striking designs, in bright colours, give the footwear a very attractive appearance.


Astra and Thor models are made of “mesh” textile while Atlas and Hades models are made of microfiber. Both materials make these models especially breathable for the summer season when we suffer from high temperatures and when feet can suffer from an excess of sweating. These latest generation of materials combine breathability with the ability to repel external fluids such as water, oil or hydrocarbons.


All models in this line comply with the EN ISO 20345: 2011 standard and S3 + SRC + CI international protection level. This footwear incorporates a Vincap non-metallic toe cap, which is capable of withstanding an impact of up to 200 joules, and an anti-perforation textile midsole, which combines resistance with lightness and flexibility and comfort with protection.


They have dual density polyurethane soles that meet the requirements of current regulations, including slip resistance, complying with both tile and steel (SRC) and are resistant to hydrocarbons. These soles provide footwear with great comfort, ergonomics and lightness. The sole has two layers: one compact with pronounced cleats in order to increase grip and drainage, and another made of foamed polyurethane that provides comfort, prevents muscle fatigue and vibrations, and absorbs energy in the heel to avoid micro-injuries to joints and to muscles.


They are shoes and boots that, in addition to not incorporating metal parts, comply with ESD, which means that the material and the structure they are made of allow electrostatic charges to be dissipated.