Self-Decontaminating Soles: How Do They Work?

Self-Decontaminating Soles: How Do They Work?

People in the business world are more and more concerned about occupational health and safe environments have become much more apparent after the pandemic.

Great contribution for sterile and non-sterile environments is the self-decontaminating soles, which automatically exert a biocidal power against viruses and bacteria of all kinds.

How do they work?

The soles with protection against these pathogens are made of a compound that is incorporated in the formulation of the sole of the footwear. In this way, the sole works as a protective barrier by reducing infectious units by 99% in a time of four hours. This technology avoids contagion by contact since it is self-decontaminating.

In the case of Fal footwear, the compounds used are from the Helse brand. This material has successfully passed virucidal activity (ISO 21702) and microbial activity (ISO 22196: 2011) tests, which are protocols to quantify antiviral and antimicrobial properties on non-porous surfaces.

What results do these soles give?

The average number of infectious units recovered from the test and reference control materials within 4 hours indicates a 99% reduction in viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, the test that is performed proves that the compound is not toxic to human cells. The sole after use is self-decontaminated in 4 hours.

What footwear does this technology wear?

At the moment in the Fal Seguridad catalog we find 3 references that have soles of this type.

On the one hand, two references from the Food Tech Range, safety footwear for the food sector. The FTR400H PONIENTE BLANCO HELSE boot is made with waterproof microfiber, VELCRO® brand closure and Vincap non-metallic toe cap. The FTR40H LEVANTE WHITE shoe has similar characteristics to the previous boot but a low shoe.

In the range of footwear for the service sector of Fal Seguridad’s Ergonomic Range, we find another shoe with self-decontaminating soles such as the ER40WH BARCELONA HELSE BLANCO. These shoes have a polyurethane midsole, VELCRO® brand closure and are made with waterproof microfiber.

Technology Made In Spain

The footwear industry in La Rioja has been innovating and offering quality footwear to its customers for decades. In the case of Helse technology, it arises in the same place as Fal footwear: Arnedo. Arnedo is a town with a great tradition in the sector, which continues to develop products to continue at the forefront of all types of shoes and boots.

Viruses and bacteria have the ability to survive outside living beings and can maintain their infectious power for hours or days depending on the surface where they have been deposited. One of the surfaces where they can be deposited more easily is the ground on which we walk. Why not prevent through footwear with extra protection against these agents? Protect yourself and your loved ones with Fal Seguridad!