Professional footwear and other PPE for security guards

Professional footwear and other PPE for security guards

Security guards ensure that others are protected and work in hazardous environments. Thus, they need to have appropriate PPE and, among them, good professional footwear.

Main risks of security guards

There are two types of dangers that these professionals face. Job Safety Analysis become essential to counteract or minimize them and, in addition, they must have the ideal garments and accessories for it.

Therefore, among the potential immediate risks to your health are:

  • Confrontations and aggressions when carrying out their work.
  • Handling of firearms.
  • Traffic accidents when traveling in emergencies, patrols or support services.
  • Characteristics of the spaces in which they operate: construction works, dark areas, heights, places with vehicle traffic…
  • Forced postures and physical fatigue.
  • Adverse weather when working outdoors.
  • Excess noise, either due to the particularities of specific work environments or during shooting exercises.
  • Biological risks and bites when working with animals, especially dogs.

There are also other less obvious danger factors, which derive from the nature and characteristics of this job. For example, the inadequate ergonomic conditions of the surveillance post, the performance of shifts, night schedules, loneliness or uprooting and contact with conflictive situations.

What are the essential PPEs for a watchman?

Depending on the specific position and the tasks to be performed, it is necessary to complement the general PPE with specific ones. Hence, for example, in an active construction site, the use of a helmet is usually required. And certain bank guards may require bulletproof vests.

Apart from these particularities, it is possible to list some personal protective equipment essential for most guards. These are the main ones, usually mandatory or highly recommended:

  • Head protection: safety helmet, hat or cap with visor on outdoor patrol, sunglasses, etc.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Masks.
  • Self-defense spray if the regulations allow it.
  • Other elements of police defense are batons, shackles, handcuffs, etc.
  • Anti-cut gloves.
  • Walkie-talkies.
  • Anti-cut vests.
  • Whistles and other signals.
  • Plate Carriers.
  • Firearms, cartridge cases and specialized covers, only in the cases legally contemplated.
  • Specialized clothing and appropriate clothing for each season of the year.
  • Professional safety footwear.

Which footwear is suitable?

In any case, these professionals have to use boots or shoes of quality, flexible, light and comfortable to wear because they usually use them for many hours at a time.

In addition, rubber soles are recommended for their comfort and convenience although depending on the terrain or their work function a polyurethane sole that provides greater cushioning can work very well. Also depending on its function, performance such as Gore-Tex with maximum breathability and impermeability can be fundamental. In specific scenarios, adherent soles are also very necessary. Likewise, it is advisable to choose dark models by criteria of distinction and always bet on specialized brands.

In short, the professional footwear and PPE of the security guards are fundamental in their work activity.