Fal Seguridad / FTX9000C

Gore-Tex Crosstech

Reference: 609701
Sizes: 35-50
Normative: EN-ISO 15090:2012 F2A+SRC+HI3+CI+AN
Normative: EN ISO 17249 – Class 2

  • Safety boot for Firefighters (Multipurpose). The whole boot is washable.

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Upper: Fire and water resistant PBI® fabric and microfiber.

Inner Lining: Crosstech® by Gore Tex Membrane. Waterproof and breathable. Blood, body fluids and common chemicals resistant.

Inner Sole: 2 layers (PES and open-cell foam.). Anatomically preformed, antibacterial (Activated carbon) high energy absorption and recovery.

Protective Insole: HTP (High Tenacity Polyester) penetration resistant insole.

Sole: FUEGO. Fireproof, heat resistant and antistatic sole made of nitrile rubber and polyurethane. Fuel oil and slip resistant. Two coloured in order to increase daily visibility.

Toe Cap: COMPOSITE VINCAP® covered by external rubber protection.

Threads: Double stitching made of aramid, water and fire resistant.

Reflective Parts: Fire resistant 3M® reflector, high visibility.