Fal Seguridad / FTX701CZ


Reference: 652303
Sizes: 35-50
Normative: EN 15090:2012 F1PA+SRC+HI3+CI+T / F2A+SRC+HI3+CI
Normative: EN 17249:2013 Class 2

  • Safety boot for Firefighting and Forest fires with cut protection by class 2 chainsaw.
  • The complete boot is washable.


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Upper: PBI® fabric and microfiber resistant to fire and water. Inner lining chainsaw resistant.

Inner membrane: Gore-Tex® membrane. Waterproof, breathable and resistant to chemicals common in firefighting.

Insole: Anatomically preformed, antibacterial, great energy absorption and recovery.

Protective insole: Non-metallic puncture-resistant insole.

Toe Cap: Non-metallic with rubber outer protection.

Threads:Double stitched aramid, water-repellent and fire-resistant.

Laces:Hydrophobic, water and fire resistant, made of aramid with a side zipper.

Sole:Anti-static, fire-resistant made of outer nitrile rubber and inner polyurethane, with anti-slip and hydrocarbon-resistant protrusions.

Reflective parts: Fire resistant, high visibility.