JSA in a supermarket: the importance of the footwear

JSA in a supermarket: the importance of the footwear

Every professional, regardless of the sector in which they work, needs a JSA, an Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.

The employees of a supermarket could not be less; there are a variety of job positions in this sector. Cashiers, shelf fillers and even warehouse managers must have the necessary PPEs to protect themselvesFootwear is very important in this sector.

Why safety footwear as PPE is important in a supermarket

Each position must have a specific JSA. For example, in the butchery, fishmonger, greengrocer or delicatessen area, the most important risks for shop assistants are derived from falls and cuts. Cashiers, being in the same position for hours, can have overloads in many parts of their body, including their feet. And in a warehouse, the body must be protected against possible falls of the merchandise and when handling pallet trucks.

As a result, footwear plays a fundamental role for this protection. To avoid slipping during the transport of merchandise, warehouse workers, shelf fillers or others will have to wear anti-slippery footwear, in which the resistance of the sole is the most important. It is also important to use this anti-slippery footwear when using the stairs, even more so if heavy material is carried. Moreover, in sectors such as butcher, delicatessen or fishmongers, anti-slippery footwear is mandatory, especially in fishmongers. In these same sectors, where the use of knives and heavy material is common, it is also important to have light safety toe cap footwear. In the case of cleaners, employees will have to wear footwear that fits well their foot, and workers who are in cold rooms will also have to wear one that protects them from the cold, so it must have insulating properties

Toecap safety footwear

The most widespread model is the one that provides great protection for the toes, so the toe cap is the protagonist in these models. Thus, in the event of an impact, the most sensitive areas of the foot will be fully protected.

In the case of stepping on pointed objects in the warehouse or on any other surface, the quality of the sole and the insole must be high and have anti-perforation properties.

Besides this, there are new security and protection systems, such as the soles that protect, throughout their whole useful life, against viruses and bacteria and act as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria thanks to their biocidal power.

Comfortable occupational footwear that enhance the image of the employee

In these cases, it is essential that the footwear be comfortable and. Finally, the use of this type of work footwear can enhance the image of the establishment.

Every supermarket must have a JSA. Among all the protection elements, footwear may be one of the most important. For this reason, in this post it has been possible to explain how the feet of each post are protected within this type of establishment.