Prevención riesgos laborales en la agricultura

Prevention of occupational hazards in agriculture

In all production sectors there are risks during the development of the activity. Preventing and reducing them is the main objective of PPE and other safety elements.

The occupational risks in agriculture also exist and we have different options, some of them mandatory, to reduce them and work in a safer way.

PPE as a preventive measure against occupational hazards in agriculture

A farmer, during the course of his working day, is exposed to a number of risks of which he must be aware and be able to protect himself. Uneven terrain, heavy machinery, chemical substances or the handling of cutting tools are all elements that can lead to accidents that must be prevented with the appropriate training and equipment.

PPE or personal protective equipment is essential to reduce most of the aforementioned risks. It is necessary to have quality material that has the appropriate certifications for the fulfilment of its function. Thanks to them, accidents resulting in physical injury will be significantly reduced.


Protective goggles help to protect the eyes from dust and other contaminating particles. It is also a must during the working day, including when working with chemicals, such as fertilisers.

Hearing protectors

Machines used in agriculture produce a high level of noise. Hearing insulation is mandatory and helps to reduce the risk of a perforated eardrum or long-term hearing loss.

Respiratory protectors

When working with chemicals it is mandatory to wear the appropriate respirator to protect against the inhalation of these harmful substances.

Safety footwear

The risk of being cut or crushed is constant during the working day, so safety boots are a must. In addition, models with rain protection can be chosen. Wearing good professional footwear minimises damage to one of the most sensitive areas of the body.


Although it may seem unnecessary and rarely used, this safety feature is important when working with heavy machinery and equipment. This includes the use of tractors and any tractor attachments.

Other equipment

Some of the activities in the field of agriculture require the use of specific PPE. This is the case for beekeeping or tree felling, which, in addition to these basics, require more equipment.

The occupational risks in agriculture are present, as in any other sector. Workers in this field must have the right personal protective equipment in order to reduce the chances of suffering any kind of incident. Working safely is essential for greater efficiency every day.