PPE and the importance of safety footwear when working at height

PPE and the importance of safety footwear when working at height

PPE is one of the fundamental elements for any worker when working at height. In this type of work, occupational health is especially important. Working at height means that any accident is irreversible so preventing any detail of them is essential.

Personal protective equipment

The basic elements for worker protection when working at height are those related to the anchor point, helmet and safety footwear. This last element is essential every worker personal protection because it prevents slips and hits. Furthermore, it neutralises discomfort and provides other essential functions that are part of the occupational health.

Occupational health

Occupational safety when working at height goes beyond falls. In fact, operators are also exposed to contaminants, electricity, radiation, shocks, falls or hits from objects, cuts, extreme temperatures and much more. For all these reasons, PPE and above all, safety footwear, are essential.

Tips to choose Safety Footwear

There are several important aspects to consider when referring to safety footwear as a fundamental part of PPE when working at height. First of all, it has to be slip resistant. This feature is essential for all types of construction-related jobs, but even more so if they are done at height, since falls can be very serious and even put the worker’s life at risk.

On the one hand, the sole must be isolating, since workers are often in contact with electricity. This risky profession is not only dangerous because of the height itself, but also because of these type of details that, in a large number of occasions, are left in the background. A very suitable material for soles is fiberglass, although it also depends on the type of footwear that will be used in each case.

On the other hand, the sole is also essential when it comes to preventing nail accidents. If the worker steps on something that passes through it and the foot is damaged, this may mean a serious occupational accident, even more so if it is at a certain height.

Finally, it is also important that the toecap of the shoe is reinforced, since this is one of the most vulnerable points of the feet.

In conclusion, PPE is crucial in matters of prevention of occupational accidents. We should not forget that it is especially relevant to maximize the safety of the employee who performs work at height. And this protection begins with safety footwear.