Why are professional footwear ISOs important?

Why are professional footwear ISOs important?

ISOs are international standards created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which promote the use of industrial, organizational and commercial standards worldwide.

Adhering to these types of standards guarantees a minimum of quality that is met when passing through these international standards. In the case of professional footwear, in which many workers expose their bodies to different types of risks, having an ISO certification provides great value to users, who are aware of what these standards mean for their own safety.

ISO standards in professional footwear

In the case of PPE, a nice slogan, an advertising claim or simply saying that you have quality boots and shoes is not enough. By complying with the precepts that mark these standards applied in many industries, it can be objectively affirmed that they are of quality. And to comply with these regulations, strict quality controls are required in the different manufacturing processes.

At Fal, we work following the European standards for occupational footwear, certified by Inescop (ENISO-20344:2011, EN-ISO-20345:2011 and EN-ISO-20347:2012). These standards have a series of basic and other optional requirements for professional footwear. Among its scales are the mechanical risks, the different ergonomic behaviors, the thermal risks and also the slip resistance. To carry out these cquality checks, different physical and chemical tests are made..

Other quality standards

The search for “Total Quality” is a priority objective of the company. In addition, Fal Seguridad has also implemented the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard, which ratifies the application of the quality system of this standard in all the processes of its production activity.

On the other hand, we have also implemented an Environmental Management System according to the UNE EN ISO 14001 standard, certified by AENOR, in order to reduce pollution and thus be able to comply with environmental laws and the OHSAS 18001 standard referring to health and safety in the job.

In addition, we are the first company in Spain to obtain the Carbon Footprint and Carbon Dioxide Compensation Registration Seal in its complete process for the third consecutive year and verified by AENOR.

We were the first and only company in Spain that complies with the three phases of this seal: calculate CO2 emissions, reduce CO2 emissions and offset emissions to avoid environmental pollution.

Complying with quality standards does not make our boots and footwear in our catalog better, but it is an added value that we provide to our customers in our manufacture of the different products that we sell.