Occupational Risks Prevention: Psychosocial Risks

Occupational Risks Prevention: Psychosocial Risks

Beyond the direct risks related to the activity performed, the prevention of occupational risks must take into account the so-called psychosocial risks. This article explains what they are and how can we approach their different aspects.

Psychosocial risks

Psychosocial risks can generate high stress on workers; this stress can increase dangerous errors in the performance of their functions or the number of sick leaves. These risks are linked to working conditions and to the working environment, so the first thing that must be done is an evaluation of psychosocial risks. You can find herein bellow some examples:

1. Poor business organization

poorly developed organizational chart can be fatal, because if the hierarchy of command or cooperation is not well defined, the worker can accumulate stress by the uncertainty of not knowing what to do.

2. Harassment

There are several types of vertical harassment, both work and sexual. Furthermore, in recent years the problem of horizontal harassment has been put on the table, this kind of harassment can also be fatal to the worker’s psycho-emotional health.

3. Unbearable workload

Although it is possible that there are peaks of work that have to be assumed at a certain moment, if the situation is permanent, it is highly probable that the person will not be able to withstand the rhythm. In the long term, stress will be unbearable. This is a common reason for sick leave due to anxiety or depression.

4. Lack of logistical support

In the event that the worker does not have the support of their superiors or colleagues into perform their duties better, it is possible that he/she will be discouraged and will accumulate stress. This situation is very common in small and medium companies, so it is essential to focus on this issue to avoid long-term problems.

5. Insecurity

Although the concept of one work for all your life in private companies is increasingly rare, feeling a permanent insecurity in the same work position is very negative. This can happen due to the economic situation or due to the company’s carelessness.

6. Lack of recognition

All people need recognition when they perform their work, both economically and professionally. If a worker does not feel valued and this situation continues over time, it is possible that he will suffer psychologically.


Companies are already aware that the prevention of occupational risks is not limited to the activity intrinsic problems, but also, is due to the organization and the environment. Therefore, in addition to purchasing the PPE that are necessary to avoid issues, it will also be advisable to carry out a prior assessment of psychosocial risks.