Occupational risks and PPE for delivery men and mailmen

Occupational risks and PPE for delivery men and mailmen

Delivery men and mailmen have specific occupational hazards and therefore must use the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment).

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 is one of those dangers, but there are many other situations that may attack their integrity. What are the most important ones and what are the most used prevention measures?

PRL: prevention of occupational risks for delivery men

Despite the limited contact with clients, these professionals are exposed to COVID-19. Home delivery people can handle dozens of orders every day. Another danger is traffic. That is why it is crucial to respect traffic signs and speed limits. Nor should you drive tired.

Lack of equipment is a source of danger. Having an accident without wearing a helmet can end up with fatal consequences. To avoid them, job safety analysis services (JSA) should inform the professionals about potentially harmful situations. They are also taught to manage stress levels with different exercises and to stay focused at all times. A mistake can end in an accident and, therefore, it is essential to pay attention in each phase of a delivery.

How to perform basic vehicle maintenance should be informed. This will help to prevent most mechanical failures. The most effective measure is to provide workers with the personal protective equipment that their work requires and make sure they know how to use it correctly.

Individual Protection Equipment

Being exposed to risks, delivery and mailmen must have protections. The most important elements are those that take care of the vital organs. This is the case of the helmet, which is essential. In the case of a fall, helmets protect from serious damage to the skull. Gloves are also necessary for hand protection.

As for the torso, a jacket or vest provides warmth on the coldest working days and protects this area in a fall or a blow. Good padding is important to mitigate, as far as possible, the impacts that may be suffered.

When it comes to avoiding COVID-19 infections, masks and gloves are crucial. The first should be FFP2 to ensure maximum safety, especially when entering a building to make a delivery. These masks filter the air that is inhaled, thus reducing risks in confined spaces.

In short, having the appropriate PPE contributes significantly to guaranteeing the prevention of occupational risks. Without a helmet, gloves or a mask, delivery men and mailmen could not carry out their work safely. Therefore, it is necessary to be well prepared and prevent any kind of dangerous situation.