How to carry out an occupational risk prevention plan for a small Company

How to carry out an occupational risk prevention plan for a small Company

In some cases, a small company cannot afford the possibility of having an occupational risk prevention service outside of the SME. The prevention of risks in the workplace is important and counting with the necessary PPE as well.

Therefore, a step-by-step guide in order to write an occupational risk plan in the company is detailed below.

How to carry out an occupational risk prevention plan.

The following is the minimum content that this plan must have:

  • Detailed description of the organization of the company and the activities it carries out.
  • Assign responsibilities in the company.
  • Define and detail action protocols to achieve prevention objectives, including information and documentation.
  • Plan the implementation of the protocols and how to carry them out. How the occupational risk prevention plan should be structured.
  • Designate the person responsible for it. The person most specialized in prevention and who has a prominent position in the company.
  • Making a risk assessment at each point of the company and job position.
  • Making a prevention assessment to minimize risks.
  • Making all business activities with sections or chapters.
  • Create a file for each activity in which all the details of the employees and sections in which they work are collected, in addition to what they do; reference regulations for each employee; prevention objectives; action in case of emergency; jobs involved or who will write the responsibilities of the members of the company.

Finally, the plan must be reviewed by the management of the company, determine when they will take preventive actions and it should be approved by management. Later, it must be disclosed to all workers providing PPE, training and means for accident prevention. In this way, it will be possible to implement a plan for the prevention of occupational risks in an SME