New models in the Fal Seguridad Industrial Range

New models in the Fal Seguridad Industrial Range

Fal Calzados de Seguridad, S.A. launches new, very light and breathable models at a very competitive price, which are part of the Industrial Range of its catalogue, designed for professionals of the industry and construction sectors.

The new IR50 and IR500 models, in their different colour versions, are made of textile material with high abrasion and tear resistance, which also makes them particularly breathable, lightweight and ergonomic, developed according to the UNE EN ISO 20345 standard that provides the best safety, having the protection level S1 + SRC + CI + P.

They are comfort and suitable. In addition, their new, modern and current design doesn’t detract from the degree of protection that the professional needs to carry out their work with the highest request and the lowest risk of injury.

Both, shoe and boot, are comfortable, light and flexible thanks to its two-density polyurethane sole that provides cushioning by absorbing shock energy in the heel when walking, to avoid injuries to the lower body such as ankles, knees and hips. Their dual-density polyurethane soles meet the requirements of current regulations including slip resistance, complying with both tile and steel (SRC). These soles give the shoes great comfort, ergonomics and lightness, added values that make workers find themselves wearing highly comfortable footwear, even if their work requires spending many hours on standing their feet.

Other features of these models:

– They incorporate non-metallic toecaps: It is a plastic toecap capable of withstanding an impact energy of 200 Joules, equivalent to the vertical fall of a 20 kg mass from a height of one meter. It also supports a compression of 15kN. It is non-metallic, very light and ergonomic. Its ability to recover after impact provides the user with a true barrier against crushing.

– Anti-perforation textile insole: it is non-metallic and extraordinarily light, as well as flexible, which provides extra ergonomics. It is made with layers of high tenacity fibres that are resistant to perforation. A perfect mix between comfort and protection.

– Thermoformed polyurethane insole with textile covering, they are made of a lower layer of foamed polyurethane and a textile upper layer of abrasion resistant polyester. This insole has thicker padded areas in strategic areas to cushion and give comfort.

– ESD footwear without metallic components: shoes that protect against electrostatic accumulation, dissipating the accumulated charge in those workers of industrial sectors who operate with electronic devices.

All the models are manufactured in the facilities that Fal Seguridad owns in Arnedo (La Rioja, Spain) so they are “made in Spain”, with the advantages in terms of service and quality that this entails.