New line: Sneaker by Fal Seguridad

New line: Sneaker by Fal Seguridad

Fal Seguridad presents their last news, the new line Sneaker: a new collection of sporty-look safety footwear, which totally match with the informal daily attire, and which the worker will feel very comfortable with and safe at his job position during the working days.

Striking and eye-catching designs, bright colours that give a very attractive appearance to the footwear.

Four models form the line, all of them in three or four different colour combinations. They are made of mesh textile – models Astra and Thor – and of microfiber – models Atlas and Hades -, those materials are what make the footwear especially breathable.

All of them comply with the standard EN ISO 20345: 2011 and international symbols S3 + SRC + CI. They have Non-metallic Vincap Toecap -capable to withstand an impact of up to 200 joules-, and Textile Anti-puncture Insole -that combine strength with lightness and flexibility, and comfort with protection.

Furthermore, their double density polyurethane soles meet the requirements of current standards, including slip resistance on tile and steel (SRC) and hydrocarbon resistance. These soles provide our footwear with great comfort, ergonomics and lightness, extra values that make workers in the food sector find themselves wearing highly comfortable footwear, even if their work requires many hours of being standing. The two layers of the sole, a compact layer with pronounced cleats to increase the grip and the drainage of the footwear, and another layer of foamed polyurethane that provides comfort to the user’s foot, avoid muscle fatigue and vibrations, and absorb the energy in the heel to prevent micro-injuries in the joints and muscle damage.

They are ESD-compliant shoes and boots, whose material and structure can dissipate electrostatic charges and also they do not have any metallic components.