JSA plans: ankle injuries, one of the most common at work

JSA plans: ankle injuries, one of the most common at work

JSA plans must take into account many aspects, so that people can work in the best possible way and knowing that the risks are minimal.

Here we must highlight a key aspect, such as the injury suffered by workers in the ankle, since it has become a very common health problem in jobs of all kinds.

JSA for ankles

Bending your ankle or, directly, having a fracture in this part of the body is something that generates a lot of pain and that can occur at any time. This has led companies to turn around their occupational risk prevention plans, so that employees have the maximum guarantees to avoid suffering discomfort of any kind. In relation, we must highlight some important aspects.


There are two types of injuries in this body part, from sprains to fractures. On the one hand, sprain is a less serious injury, in which a twisting of the ankle and an injury to the ligaments occur. As for your treatment, it can take anywhere from weeks to months for healing to be complete.

On the other hand, fractures are more serious cases, since they lead to the breakage of the bone. Therefore, an intervention would have to be carried out to join the fractured parts and the recovery time is several months.

Precautions in order to avoid them

The best tips to avoid these types of injuries range from greater caution to the use of appropriate footwear, something that also depends on the type of work that is developed. For example, you could avoid wearing a heel and use, as far as possible, more comfortable shoes.

What should be done if these injuries occur?

These injuries can occur in any type of job and not necessarily in an activity where physical exertion is most important. It is true that they occur more frequently in physical jobs, but they are also common in offices, for example if a person gets up with poor posture and twists his ankle.

The first thing to do is not to move your foot and wait to see how the pain evolves. At first, ice can be applied so that the inflammation is not so big, and then the person must be taken to a medical center to examine its severity.

Recovery times

This is determined by the severity of the injury. Thus, recoveries can take from weeks to several months, with the option of including rehabilitation.

As seen before, ankle injuries are common in work environments, but they could be prevented thanks to a good anticipation with the drafting of JSA plans.