JSA: how to prevent foot risks at work

JSA: how to prevent foot risks at work

JSA must protect all body parts according to their exposure during work. On this occasion the risks of the feet will be treated. 15% of occupational accidents affect the safety of the feet, so you have to pay attention.

Most common foot injuries caused by occupational accidents

– Crushed fingers by heavy object: it is one of the most frequent. To avoid it, safety footwear is necessary in addition to training on the proper techniques for handling objects. The toe cap protection is very effective. The non-metallic toe cap model Vincap guarantees an impact resistance of an energy equivalent to 200 Joules and a compression of 15KN

– Cuts and scratches on the instep: This injury is very common at the countryside (people who work with lawnmowers or walking tractor). This injury is solved with metal or plastic reinforcements in the instep area.

– Punctures during walking: this accident affects the sole of the foot and occurs when there are sharp objects on the ground such as nails, splinters, debris, etc. The element pierces the sole of the shoe, wounding the foot. This injury is solved with insoles that are able to resist penetration of a force greater than or equal to 1100N, such as the anti-puncture insole of FAL SEGURIDAD®, that is made of a textile which is stronger than steel.

– Cuts at the height of the foot: it is more frequent in forestry, cleaning, clearing of roads or all those jobs where sharp tools are used near the feet. It can be avoided with robust external material footwear (such as leather, rubber or polymer boot with appropriate thickness).

– Plantar fascia problems: the condition appears if you work for a long time in repetitive positions such as squatting, due to excessive stretching of the front part. It affects, for example, workers and painters. It is recommended to stand up and walk from time to time.

– Vein circulation difficulty: it causes tired feet or swollen legs due to long sitting (office workers). You have to get up for a walk every half hour.

– Achilles tendinitis or fasciitis: very common in workers who have to walk continuously, such as commercial or warehouse vars. It appears due to hyperextension of the plantar fascia. It causes heel pain when it hits the ground. Comfortable footwear with a good sole is necessary. Cushion templates can help.

– Generalized plantar pressures and poor circulation: these problems are due to long standing in the workplace. It is suffered by cashiers, assembly lines workers or security guards. It is advisable to change posture and make circular ankle movements to activate blood flow in the area.

– Dermatological pathologies: such as increased plantar sweating, dry skin or fungi. They are also a consequence of prolonged standing or walking hours and extreme temperatures.

Special footwear for JSA prevents the aforementioned conditions.