Job Safety Analysis of the restaurant industry nowadays

Job Safety Analysis of the restaurant industry nowadays

Restaurant industry is a sector which has always had a high risk of suffering a large number of contingencies from the point of view of Job Safety Analysis (JSA, hereinafter). Nowadays, insecurity has increased due to the current pandemic that has hit the entire world and all sectors. The restaurant industry is one of the most affected.

JSA in the restaurant industry

The most common risks suffered by the restaurant workers are slips, burns, cuts or falling of more or less heavy objects on their feet. Today, protective equipment needed has changed due to the pandemic.

The importance of PPE for the restaurant industry

PPE are those elements that protect the worker from risk factors that might happen while working. They are a protection barrier, so, from the point of view of the JSA, the company must provide them to the worker, while the worker must use them. The use of PPE does not imply that 100% of the hazards suffered by a worker will be eliminated. However, it will reduce potential injuries almost entirely.

The PPE in this sector will be are, first of all, comfortable clothing that covers both the legs and the arms. Hands should also be covered with mittens, as these will prevent possible burns, when exposed to oils at high temperatures or directly to fire.

In addition to mittens, gloves are important, so that cuts are avoided due to broken dishes or toxic agents. They should also have specific gloves for filleting meats. These are the chainmail ones that will help to avoid all kinds of cuts. Finally, tight-fitting aprons and safety footwear are important.

Safety footwear as PPE

Special footwear as PPE is one of the most important components. In the case of this sector, it is important that it has a good sole specially oriented to non-slip, for example, a bi-density polyurethane sole with SRC slip level, a material that helps to provide greater cushioning for the worker and that provides comfort, so that you are not injured when working long hours. In addition, your foot must be completely covered to avoid possible blows. Water resistance, insulation of the sole against the cold, dissipating electrostatic charges … are some of the factors to take into account when choosing the most appropriate footwear in this sector.

In short, the restaurant industry is a sector that is undergoing a huge change and that is being forced to reinvent itself in every way. One of those innovative areas that are profoundly changing and which, in turn, is one of the most relevant is protective equipment for workers, especially PPE and safety footwear.