How to protect the feet at work?

How to protect the feet at work?

More than 15% of occupational accidents in Spain occur to the feet or ankles.

This is why prevention is essential, not only respecting and complying with the company’s safety regulations but also having good and appropriate safety or occupational footwear shoes.

Most common injuries


Bone fractures are very complicated. A foot has 26 bones and all of them are exposed to suffer a break in the event of a fall, a hit, etc.

When a bone is fractured, it will take a considerable period of time to return to normal. It is essential to respect the periods of recommended inactivity or rest because the risk of relapse or a chronic fracture are very high.

Crushing fingers

When working in a place with heavy machinery, a heavy element may fall by accident causing serious injury to the toes. Safety footwear having a toecap is essential in these cases. Until recently they were exclusively metallic so the footwear was heavier. However, for some time now, we make non-metallic toecaps that incorporate the latest technology in order to make footwear just as resistant and much lighter.

For example the ultralight VINCAP toe.

These toecaps comply with EN-ISO 20344 and EN ISO 20345 and are capable of withstanding a shock of an energy level of 200 joules and a compression of 15 kN.

Instep Injuries

Metatarsal protections become essential in these cases to avoid severe pain due to injuries in this area that can lead to even lameness. The metatarsals are responsible for supporting the weight of the body so an increase in repetitive load can lead to injury.

Foot Injuries

Another type of frequent injury is that produced when a puncture element is introduced into the shoe causing a serious injury to the sole of the foot. A good and light anti-puncture insole is essential in work areas where the risk of perforation is evident.

Strains and sprains

Workers are exposed to a strain in any job. Rush, bad corporate awareness, casual accidents are the reasons of a large number of casualties.

Care and health is everyone’s responsibility. Taking action will not free you from suffering accidents but it will reduce considerably the injuries you may suffer, so always keep in mind the legislation regarding the JSA.