How the PBI fabric works and what advantages it offers

How the PBI fabric works and what advantages it offers

PEEs are committed to offering good comfort and protection at the same time.

For this reason, safety equipment is always looking for the best materials that offer the best performance and comfort. One of the options not to be overlooked is the revolutionary PBI fabric, with numerous advantages.

The features of PBI fabric

The main features of this fabric are precisely in the thermal protection. After their impact they do not crystallize at any time, nor do they cause any type of open breakage. Also, they do not shrink and are very flexible thanks to their mechanical resistance. The solution has been analyzed in multiple laboratories by professionals. For this reason, this compound is chosen for the elaboration of multiple types of PPE.

The outer fabric is still the first line of defense of a firefighter. Therefore, it must be a durable material and especially resistant when it comes to overcoming all the risks implicit in this type of intervention, whether in a fire or any other situation of risk intervention.

It is not only important that the fabric protects the user from fire, but also gives him the necessary tools to overcome all the adversities and needs of the aggressive work environment that a firefighter or member of another safety team has to face. The main use of this fabric is to safeguard fire crews, or any other sector, from the high temperatures that can cause the flames of the fire.

The main benefits of this fabric for PPE

Betting on this type of fabric generates multiple benefits. On the one hand, it is fully breathable, waterproof, quick-adjusting, washable and fire resistant. In addition, it provides lightness to the boots, so they will allow each firefighter to have greater freedom of movement.

In addition, it is less rigid and has a more ergonomic design in each boot. It should not be forgotten that having the comfort to move in an agile way is of vital importance in any fire or risk situation that may occur. Every second counts.

Despite its greater lightness, compared to other types of fabrics, it has a great useful life and great resistance against flames. It is capable of withstanding up to 100 degrees, more than twice as long as any other type of outer lining. In fact, its performance is also much better than other heavier alternatives that can be found on the market.

In conclusion, betting on the PBI fabric in the design of firefighter protection equipment is highly recommended for its great performance and durability.