FAL SEGURIDAD has now started using HELSE: the new sole that offers protection against viruses and bacteria

FAL SEGURIDAD has now started using HELSE

Fal Calzados de Seguridad, S.A. continues to be at the forefront of innovation and research and has developed some footwear models that are specially designed for the health, social-health, cleaning and food sectors. The main novelty is the antiviral and antibacterial Helse sole.

Helse is a compound incorporated in the formulation of the footwear sole rubber that is capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses, among which the coronavirus can be found. Helse is a sole; therefore, it is an effective protective barrier against viruses and bacteria thanks to its biocidal power, which provides health, safety, confidence and peace for mind to the worker.

Viruses and bacteria have the ability to survive outside living beings and can maintain their infectious power for hours or even days, depending on the surface where they have been deposited. One of the surfaces where they can be more easily deposited is the ground on which we walk and work. That is why Fal Seguridad has wanted to develop footwear that protects us from these risks at all times and has incorporated the Helse sole that is self-decontaminating and guarantees that the sole decontaminates itself after being used in 4 hours, so that contagion by contact can be avoided . It also has the guarantee that it will protect during the whole product life against these viruses and bacteria.

The Helse soles, which Fal Seguridad has now started using, have successfully passed antiviral activity tests (ISO 21702) and antimicrobial activity (ISO 22196). The test is carried out on the human coronavirus HCoV-NL63 belonging to the same family as SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19), which we currently suffer from, and has been carried out by measuring how many viruses survives 4 hours after the surface has been infected. The results obtained from the tests are that the average number of infectious units recovered from the test and reference control materials, in a time of 4 hours, is reduced by 99%.

Thank to these new soles, Fal Seguridad once again shows that it is at the forefront of protection and safety footwear, and that it protects the health of workers, investing in R&D and applying the best current technologies to its products.