Gore-Tex Range by Fal Seguridad, for cold and rainy weather Written by Fal Seguridad

Gore-Tex Range by Fal Seguridad, for cold and rainy weather

Is there any risk of having wet and cold feet? Gore-Tex footwear by Fal Seguridad is the solution. It is the perfect union of climatic comfort, ergonomics and protection.

Gore-Tex range by Fal Seguridad is a range of waterproof and breathable occupational boots and shoes designed to work in the most extreme weather conditions: cold, rain and snow.

Gore-Tex footwear has been designed to keep the feet dry and protected thanks to their durable waterproofness, high breathability and optimal climatic comfort.

How does Gore-Tex work?

Gore-Tex is made of a microporous membrane that has millions of pores by square centimetre. The dimension of one pore is little than a drop of water and bigger than a molecule of vapour, so water and humidity cannot penetrate while the feet is able to breathe.

Some advantages of Gore-Tex are:

  • Proven durable Quality.
  • Versatile footwear that reduces the purchase cost for companies.
  • Decrease of occupational lesions and illnesses and accidents.
  • Adaptable to numerous climatic conditions: Transpiration goes out in order to keep the feet drier inside and the quick drying tissue keeps the feet hotter and more comfortable.

Gore-Tex range by Fal Seguridad is divided in Gore-Tex Top Range and Gore-Tex Comfort range depending on the level of protection needed for each job.

  • Gore-Tex Top range includes models that incorporate non-metallic anti-puncture midsole and Vincap ultra-light safety toecap.
  • Comfort Gore-Tex Range includes models for people that doesn’t need the before mentioned protection but they need protection against water and cold.

Besides, Gore-Tex Range by Fal Seguridad has other technical advantages that improve the position of this range of products between the highest ranges of the market.

Some of those advantages are:

  • Water resistant leather, that helps to keep the footwear waterproofness.
  • Antistatic properties to avoid electrical charges accumulation.
  • Ergonomic design that helps to absorb the energy produced at the heel area.
  • Special soles designed to avoid slipping and to isolate from cold and hot, to fight the muscular fatigue and to guaranty a long shelf life of the footwear against the damages caused by abrasion.