Get ready for the heat during the workday in summer

Get ready for the heat during the workday in summer

Summer is here and high temperatures come with it. Many are lucky enough to work in spaces with air conditioning, so heat is not a problem for their health and productivity, but others are not so lucky and heat is always present during their workday.

Thermal stress is very dangerous for those jobs performed outdoors (construction, agriculture…), people can suffer from burns to fateful heat strokes.

First, we are going to learn to identify heat stress, which occurs in three stages:

  • In the first stage there will be a lack of concentration and memory, a decrease in the ability to move and fatigue.
  • In the second stage people will be thirsty, exhausted, will have headache, cramps, dizziness and nausea.
  • The third stage is fateful and is characterized by collapse and fainting, oxygen does not reach the brain and people can suffer a heat stroke. People will show confusion, irrationality, lack of sweat and loss of consciousness. If it is not detected early, it can lead to death.

To prevent these events we give you some advices and preventive measures in order to avoid work accidents related to high summer temperatures:

  • The most important is that weather conditions are well-known at all times. Companies must inform their workers about it.
  • Limit to the maximum those tasks that require an excessive physical effort, providing mechanical tools to perform them. In addition, tasks must be planned in such a way that those that require greater physical effort are performed in the hours of lower heat.
  • Drinking water must be always available to all workers in order to prevent dehydration. For their part, workers should drink small amounts every 10/15 minutes.
  • Workers rest areas must have proper shade and ventilation.
  • Limit the time that workers spend under sun exposure and increase the number of breaks every 45 minutes at the most.
  • PPE should be made of lightweight fabric, with light and broad colors, and head protection (hats or caps) will be added. The Footwear must be not only adequate to prevent all types of risks related to the work position but also breathable and comfortable. In addition, workers should apply sunscreen daily and reapply during the workday.
  • Perhaps, the most important thing is to inform workers about the risks, adverse effects, preventive measures and first aid required in these cases.

We hope we have helped you and that you put these advises into practice as soon as possible. Safety first!