Fal Seguridad’s best sellers are being renewed

Fal Seguridad’s best sellers are being renewed

Fal Seguridad, S.A. has renewed the models EBRO, TAJO, TAJO VELCRO® Brand closure, TORMES and SEGURA from the innovative EVO line, which includes safety footwear with very competitive prices that keeps the same quality standards.

This occupational footwear, which is made of premium leather and developed according to the UNE EN ISO 20345 Standard, has now a newest and more modern design.

Thank to these models, construction and industry professionals will be able to experience the comfort and protection they seek and need during all their working day, in order to perform their the highest demanding jobs risking the less.

These models are comfortable, light and flexible thanks to the two-density polyurethane sole that provides cushioning by absorbing shock energy in the heel area when walking. Therefore, injuries in the lower body such as ankles, knees and hips are avoided. The dual density polyurethane soles meet the requirements of current regulations including slip resistance, complying on both tile and steel (SRC). These soles provide the footwear with great comfort, ergonomics and lightness; added values that make Fal Seguridad’s occupational footwear highly comfortable for workers, even if their work requires spending many hours on their feet.

Other features:

– No metallic toecaps: Toecaps are made of plastic able to stand an impact energy up to 200 Jules, equivalent to the vertical fall of a 20Kg mass from a meter high. Furthermore, they stand 15 kN compression and they are very light and ergonomic because they are not metallic. They are able to recover after the impact so they provide a very unique barrier against the impacts.

– Textile anti-puncture midsole: these are extraordinary light and flexible because they are not metallic, furthermore they are more ergonomic. They are made of puncture resistant high tenacity fibres. A perfect mix of comfort and protection

– Thermoformed insole made of polyurethane and textile covering. They have a low layer made of foamed polyurethane and an upper layer made of abrasion resistant polyester. This insole has some thicker parts in strategical areas in order to absorb the energy and provide comfort.

– ESD footwear: These are shoes that protect against the electrostatic accumulation, dispelling the accumulated charge in those industrial workers who work with electronic devices.

All these models are made in the Fal Seguridad facilities, in Arnedo (La Rioja region, Spain) so they are all “Made in Spain” having the advantages of national production.