Fal Seguridad presents the new brand image

Fal Seguridad presents the new brand image

A change that represents our pillars: safety, innovation and comfort.

Fal Calzados de Seguridad has been offering the latest advances and technologies in professional footwear for more than 50 years, and wants to continue creating the best solutions because we are committed to safety and welfare of all workers.

Our years of experience in the sector, being a pioneer in special materials for the different demands of our clients, have made us become a true specialist in professional footwear.

Fal Seguridad is a brand synonymous with Guarantee, which achieves the perfect synergy between craftsmanship and the latest technology, and which has led it to obtain numerous certificates that guarantee the safety and quality of its products. In addition, it was the first company in Spain to obtain the Spanish Carbon Footprint seal and carbon dioxide compensation in a complete process.

Its pillars are safety, innovation and comfort, and they work so that users feel their products as an extension of themselves.

New brand image

With this new image, what Fal Seguridad intends is to value our brand, highlight the differential values of the product and generate emotional ties with the public, in addition to adapting and modernizing the brand and the communication, generating an identifiable and personalized brand so that the consumer has Fal Seguridad as a reference, and that at a visual level it is differential and represents the most important values and strengths.

Our new claim “Innovation in safety” is representative of both the brand and the values; it represents, since one of the main differentials of FAL is our commitment to constant innovation in safety, and is characterized by being a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies that offer the best solution for their users. Our factory, in Arnedo (La Rioja), can be understood as a laboratory where solutions that offer differential value are developed and investigated.

The new logo continues to be black and yellow, which are already characteristic of FAL, but it is modernized giving a more technological point to the brand identity. The letters are united generating a consistent block that speaks to us of safety and protection and the inclination evokes rhythm and movement.


Within the image change, Fal Seguridad also renews the site, creating a clear, simple and intuitive site, as well as accessible on all types of devices.

Being a brand that is committed to innovation, the site has been able to represent that value, both aesthetically and functionally. A more dynamic and visual site, which includes everything behind the brand so that the user knows them better: who they are, mission and values, quality.


New naming

To be consistent with the entire image change, Fal Seguridad has opted to give a new approach to the classification and nomenclatures of products, changing both the name of each line and all the models in our catalogue.

The intention of this change is to generate a uniform meaning in the names of its entire collection and to give a more technological and international image.