Fal Seguridad models renewal

Fal Seguridad models renewal

Fal Seguridad presents some new models in their protective footwear catalog. Those models are from the Vincap Top Industrial line, footwear designed for a wide group of professionals. Their design and technical properties have been renewed.

The models of this line incorporates polyurethane soles, which avoid muscle fatigue and vibrations, and absorb energy at the heel area to prevent micro-injuries and muscle damages. In addition the cleats of the sole increase the grip and the adherence. They also incorporate textile anti-perforation insoles and Vincap safety toecap. The first provides flexibility and comfort to the sole while protecting against external agents, while the ultra-light Vincap toecap resists a shock of 200 joules and a compression of 15Kn, besides it makes the footwear 47% lighter and avoids problems of oxidation, allergies and electrical risk.

The new models Marte TopMercurio Top and Vulcano Top are renewed esthetically – modernizing and adapting according what the market demands – renew their materials, changing from leather to microfiber, that is resistant to weld spatter. In addition, this microfiber not only lightens the footwear but also meets levels of perspiration similar to those of the leather.

Regarding the model Soldador, it is made of microfiber resistant to welding spatter, it is adapted to the new regulations that requires resistance to heat by contact and therefore it is built on rubber sole.

Fal Calzados de Seguridad S.A is a company dedicated to the manufacture of professional and safety footwear, based in Arnedo (La Rioja) and whose production is 100% national.