Fal Seguridad® launches HYDROTECH, the first footwear range on the market having the same functions as a water boot, but breathable

Fal Seguridad® launches HYDROTECH, the first footwear range on the market having the same functions as a water boot, but breathable

The Spanish company Fal Seguridad, following its slogan “Innovation in safety”, presents the first boot on the market that is capable of achieving the performance of a water boot but with a high capacity for breathability.

The new Hydrotech boots from Fal Seguridad are very resistant slip-on boots, designed for very demanding work environments. It is an ideal footwear for sectors such as supplies, fishmongers and meat, gardening, construction, gas and oil, forestry, agriculture, mining, etc. What type of footwear do operators in these sectors need? They need footwear that is waterproof in a durable way as well as lightweight, highly breathable and comfortable; without forgetting, obviously, that protects against impacts, objects …

Often, if safety footwear is worn for a long time in constant water environments, the water-repellent finish wears out and the upper part begins to absorb moisture. Although the boots maintain waterproofness, the upper becomes saturated with water and becomes heavier. To avoid that, water boots are made of polymeric materials such as rubber, pvc or polyurethane. However, worker’s feet do not perspire at all, which ends up triggering diseases and possible casualties.

Thanks to the new Hydrotech boots from Fal Seguridad this problem is solved, since its upper is made of the new Gore-Tex Extraguard technology. In addition to being resistant, it is light in a lasting way and most importantly, breathable. Nothing to do with the footwear that is usually used in those environments that does not let the foot to breathe. These new hydrotech boots guarantee waterproofing and breathability in a lasting way, in job possition sourrounded by water and constant humidity.

Fal Seguridad Hydrotech boots also guarantee their lightness in wet environements . Compared to conventional safety footwear, footwear having Gore-Tex Extraguard technology upper hardly gains weight in wet environmements. The new Hydrotech upper boots combines the advantages of a resistant material with the benefits of light and breathable fabrics.

Fal Seguridad’s Hydrotech boots are very resistant and, at the same time, comfortable. They do not lose color or shape and do not present wrinkles or folds. They do not lose their waterproof and breathability performance even after intensive use of several months in extreme weather conditions in constant contact with water and humidity. In addition, the Extraguard fabric with which these boots are made, maintains its waterproof properties even with contamination to chemicals such as sulfuric acid at 37%, Sodium Hydroxide at 30% and Diesel.

Hydrotech are very easy to clean boots. It can be rinsed under the tap or with a hose and does not require the application of specific care products.

Fal Seguridad comes on the market with two versions of the Hydrotech boots: the HT1000 model, for moderate temperatures at any time of the year, and the HT1000FZ model, indicated for cold environments, since it incorporates an inner lining capable of withstanding environments of -50ºC, with a decrease in temperature inside the boot of only 7º, according to the thest of EN ISO 20344 standard.

The boots will initially be marketed in black color, but Fal Seguridad is already preparing the next generation of these boots in white color for the food sector.

All models are manufactured entirely in the facilities that Fal Seguridad has in Arnedo (La Rioja – Spain), so they are “made in Spain” with the advantages in terms of service and quality that this entails.