FAL Security GORE-TEX Line: Unrivalled protection against the cold and the rain

FAL Security GORE-TEX Line: Unrivalled protection against the cold and the rain

Fal Calzados de Seguridad presents its latest innovation in safety footwear: AIRFAL, a new concept of comfort in safety footwear.

This innovative collection of products not only keeps you warm and dry, but also prioritises your comfort and mobility. With a wide range of options designed for different professions and requirements, the FAL Safety GORE-TEX Range is the ideal solution for people working in cold and rainy environments.

Maximum Performance with GORE-TEX® Technology

The foundation of this line of Safety Footwear is Gore-Tex technology. Renowned for its exceptional waterproofness and breathability, the Gore-tex membrane provides a protective barrier against rain, snow and cold, while allowing sweat to escape for maximum breathability. This means that even in the most challenging conditions, you can stay dry and comfortable.

Designed for high performance

FAL Safety understands the importance of functionality and durability in safety footwear. The GORE-TEX Range incorporates these elements seamlessly into its designs, ensuring that each product meets the highest performance standards.

GORE-TEX Range safety footwear is designed with reinforced seams and tough outer fabrics.This ensures longevity, even in demanding and tough working environments. In addition, the ergonomic designs take freedom of movement into account, allowing you to perform your tasks efficiently without feeling restricted. The products are also lightweight, further enhancing your mobility and comfort.

The Gore-Tex line by FAL Calzados de Seguridad also features other technical advantages, which contribute to position this product line among the top of the range in the marketplace.

Among these advantages it is worth mentioning:

  • Hydrofuged leather, contributing to the waterproofing of footwear.Antistatic properties that avoid the accumulation of electric charges.
  • Ergonomic design that allows for energy absorption in the heel area.
  • Special soles designed to avoid slipping and insulate against cold and heat, combat muscle fatigue and guarantee long life of footwear against abrasion wear.
  • Ultra-light VINCAP® toecap for protection without compromising the lightness of the product.
  • Withstands a shock of 200 Joules and 15 Kn compression. It also lightens the weight of footwear by 47%, providing increased comfort. Avoids oxidation problems and is anti-allergic.
  • Non-metallic anti-puncture insole

Wide range of products tailored to your needs

With the GORE-TEX Range, FAL Safety offers a variety of footwear designed specifically for different professions and working environments.Whether indoors or outdoors, our product range is carefully designed to provide superior protection while ensuring style and versatility.