Fal Calzados de Seguridad is presenting news at SICUR

Fal Calzados de Seguridad is presenting news at SICUR

Visitors can stop by the stand 3C05. FAL, Calzados de Seguridad, is participating in the international security exhibition SICUR that is taking place from February the 25th to the 28th in Madrid.

There, you can find all new designs in all the ranges of products.


Several models are being renewed in the EVO range, which is a collection of leather shoes and boots, closed by laces, VELCRO® Brand closure and quick-release buckles; designed for the industry sector. They are safety footwear models at very competitive prices, incorporating non-metallic toecaps that are capable of withstanding an impact of up to 200 joules and non-metallic anti-puncture insoles that combine resistance with lightness and flexibility and comfort with protection. They are also antistatic, not having metal pieces (except one model), they are designed for people who spend many hours in front of electrical appliances.

They incorporate double density polyurethane soles that meet the requirements of current regulations including slip resistance, complying with both tile and steel (SRC). These soles provide shoes with great comfort, ergonomics and lightness; those are added values for workers in the food sector, who find a highly comfortable shoe, even if their work requires standing during many hours. The two layers of the sole, one compact with pronounced cleats in order to increase the grip of the boot and its drainage, and the other made of foamed polyurethane that provides comfort to the user’s foot, prevents muscle fatigue and vibrations, and absorbs the energy in the heel area to prevent micro-injuries in the joints and muscle damages.

Firefighters PBI textile boots

At this exhibition, Fal Seguridad is presenting an exclusive worldwide: innovative, completely textile fire boots. Boots made of waterproof, breathable PBI fabric and microfiber, both materials are fire resistant.

This fabric, the PBI, is very light but at the same time it has a high tensile strength, it is designed for rescue and firefighting. It offers the best combination of tear strength and thermal protection, comfort and flexibility. This lightweight textile provides a high level of comfort to firefighters, plus greater tensile strength than many other thicker fabrics.

Boots made of PBI are designed to provide lightness and breathable heat protection. Being a highly durable and inherently flame resistant fabric, it provides the firefighter with protection at the worst scenario. This fabric withstands more than 100 k of resistance to initial tearing (more than double than any other outer lining). Despite of being lighter than other fabrics, it does not compromise protection against heat and flames and it works better in many situations than heavier alternatives.

The boots, called Volcano and Volcano Boa, offer less rigidity and greater ease of movement, thus improving the ergonomic design of the boot, which is vital for firefighting and rescuing, when the ability to move freely and comfortably without reducing protection is essential.

In addition to the PBI textile fabric, these boots incorporate the Gore-Tex CrossTech membrane, a waterproof, breathable and resistant membrane against blood, body fluids and various liquid chemical agents.

They also have a two-coloured antistatic outsole made of polyurethane-nitrile rubber, non-slip, resistant to heat and flame, also a Vincap non-metallic toecap, which is able to withstand an impact of up to 200 joules; and textile anti-puncture insole that offers lightness, flexibility, comfort and protection. This insole is made of a stronger fabric than steel.

The Volcano Boa model also incorporates the BOA closing system, a technological breakthrough that provides amazing speed and a perfect fit to the foot thanks to the absence of laces. This perfect adjustment control provided by BOA dramatically reduces the risks of accidents caused by laces such as: falls by loose laces, by being caught by objects, etc.


All models are manufactured entirely at the factory that Fal Seguridad has in Arnedo (La Rioja), so it is made in Spain, having the advantages in terms of service and quality.