Fal Calzados de Seguridad is present at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Fal Calzados de Seguridad is present at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf

Visitors can stop by their stand E41 in hall 11.

FAL, Calzados de Seguridad, is exhibiting at the international trade fair A+A, which started today 24th October and will be held until Friday 27th October in Düsseldorf (Germany). This is the world’s largest and most important event in the field of safety, protection and health at work, points on which Fal Seguridad’s work, work and products are based.

Firefighter boots in textile PBI

Fal Seguridad exhibits its innovative, fully textile firefighter boots at this trade fair. Boots made of waterproof, breathable PBI fabric, with microfibre, resistant to fire.

The PBI fabric is very light but at the same time highly resistant to traction, designed for rescue and firefighting. A fabric that offers the best combination of tear resistance and thermal protection, comfort and flexibility. This lightweight textile provides a high level of comfort for firefighters, with the added bonus of a higher tensile strength than many other thicker fabrics.

Boots made from PBI are designed to provide lightweight, breathable protection against heat. As a highly durable and inherently flame resistant fabric, it provides the firefighter with an insurance of protection in the worst case scenario. A fabric that withstands over 100k initial tear strength (more than double that of any other outer shell), and despite being lighter than other fabrics does not compromise on heat and flame protection and in many areas performs better than heavier alternatives.


Fal Seguridad also showcases their latest innovation in safety footwear: AIRFAL. A technological revolution in the manufacturing system of work and protection footwear with textile anti-puncture sole pads, which directly influences ergonomics and comfort for users when wearing safety footwear.

Airfal is a sports footwear project that combines design with state-of-the-art materials, and stands out for its great comfort and flexibility, due to its direct shock-absorption manufacturing system that reduces impact on the foot. This manufacturing technology, known as Rebound System, means that the user’s total footprint is not on the textile anti-puncture sole pad, but on a foamy material that provides comfort and cushioning.

Rebound system consists of reversing the placement of the insole, moving it away from the user’s footprint. With this, what is achieved is to overcome the barrier of a thickness of approximately 5 mm of high tenacity fibres that make up a perforation-resistant textile insole. The worker’s heel, when stepping on, will come into direct contact with a foamed polyurethane material with highly ergonomic properties.


Hydrotech boots are also presented, the first boot on the market that is capable of achieving the features of a waterproof boot but with a high breathability capacity.

The new Hydrotech boots by Fal Seguridad are highly resistant boots designed for demanding work environments. It is ideal footwear for sectors like supplies, fish and meat processing, gardening, construction, gas and oil, forestry, agriculture, mining, etc., requiring footwear that is durably waterproof as well as lightweight, highly breathable and comfortable; without forgetting, of course, that will protect against shock, objects…

The boots made of polymeric materials such as rubber, PVC or polyurethane do not allow the foot to breathe at all, which can lead to illnesses and possible casualties. Thanks to the new Hydrotech boots by Fal Seguridad this problem is solved, as their cut with the new Gore-Tex Extraguard technology, in addition to being resistant, is breathable.

Boots that guarantee long-lasting waterproofness and breathability, even in wet and humid conditions. They will not lose their waterproof and breathability properties even after several months of intensive use in extreme weather conditions in constant contact with water and humidity. In addition, the Extraguard fabric with which these boots are made will maintain their waterproof properties even when contaminated with chemicals such as 37% sulphuric acid, 30% sodium hydroxide and diesel.