Back to work: Occupational hazards

Back to work: Occupational hazards

The return to work may be complicated, especially if it is a repetitive job. This is one of the factors that can increase occupational hazards. Given this possibility, it is important to have a good attitude and focus quickly in order to adapt yourself to work again.

Tips for returning to Work

Bellow we have listed some simple guidelines that will help you to go back to work after having enjoyed your holidays:

A gradual return: it is about adapting little by little. You should not force the first days. The body and the mind need a period of readjustment to the mechanics of daily work. It is about putting everything back into operation to achieve maximum performance.

Make small changes: it is easy to give a new air to the work environment. This can be a change of costumes or a redecoration of lockers or of the workspace. Providing something new helps to make the return to work easier.

Exercise and rest: it is important to start a daily exercise routine. The first days are the most favourable ones as we have more energy after a period of rest. Carrying them out until the next holiday period will help you to keep the mind clear.

Use free time: to give an adequate use to the free time is essential. These are moments in which the disconnection of work and the promotion of personal recreation must take first place. Giving it the importance it deserves helps us to get through the first few weeks more easily.

Reducing accidents at work is easy

Reducing occupational hazards, it is not just about the correct development of the activity, it is also important to have the adequate security. A quick activation after the holidays and having the right PPE reduces considerably the chances of an accident.