All about the JSA regarding the occupational risk assessment

All about the JSA regarding the occupational risk assessment

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is an aspect that every day has a greater importance, since it is the best way to provide the necessary safety to all employees.

In fact, occupational risk assessments are carried out to verify that it exists.

What are occupational risk assessments?

It is a safety inspection through a series of already established techniques that verify, in an analytical way, that all occupational risk prevention measures are complied with. To this end, direct observations of the facilities are made, as well as of the equipment and production processes, considering from the conditions to the characteristics, the work methodology or the human behavior.

Therefore, it is a process that is complex, but it is certainly vital to confirm that companies carry out the premises to guarantee the safety of employees. In addition to what they are, we must distinguish another series of aspects.

Who makes them?

In Spain, the inspection is performed by the Spanish Higher Corps of Labour and Social Security Officials Inspectors, as well as by the officials of the Labour Sub-Inspectors Corps.

What is their goal?

The main purpose of these inspections is to determine that the appropriate conditions are respected so that the employees of said entity can perform their functions in complete safety. In this way, the degree of compliance with the regulations and the effectiveness of the measures adopted as part of a complete evacuation of possible occupational risks are reviewed.

Why are they carried out?

The main function is to verify and confirm that in the workspaces all the necessary measures are carried out to guarantee the safety of employees in accordance with the provisions of the latest update of the law on the prevention of occupational risks.


These inspections are carried out with a visit by the labor inspectors to the work centers to determine that all the obligations in legal matters are kept.

Possible consequences

Every company that does not execute with the provisions of the law on the prevention of occupational risks is exposed to an economic sanction that varies depending on the breach of the norm that has occurred. In addition, premises can be sealed, and the activity suspended for a certain time.

Obligations and rights

All these inspections are carried out periodically, or when there is an alert of a possible violation of the rules of prevention of occupational risks. Therefore, the owners of the establishments must identify themselves and collaborate as far as possible.

However, these inspections seek that the JSA fulfills its mission and employees can carry out their functions safely in every way.