AIRFAL, el nuevo concepto de confort en calzado de seguridad

AIRFAL, the new concept of comfort in safety footwear

Fal Calzados de Seguridad presents its latest innovation in safety footwear: AIRFAL.

technological revolution in the manufacturing system of safety and security footwear with textile perforation resistant midsole, which directly influences the ergonomics and comfort of the user when wearing safety footwear.

Airfal is a sportly footwear project developed by Fal Seguridad, which combines design with state-of-the-art materials, and which stands out for its great comfort and flexibility provided by its direct cushioning manufacturing system that reduces foot strike. This manufacturing technology, called the Rebound System, means that the user’s total footprint is not on the textile perforation resistant midsole, but on a foam material that will provide comfort and cushioning.

Rebound system consists of reversing the placement of the insole away from the user’s footprint. With this, what is achieved is to overcome the barrier of a thickness of approximately 5 mm of high tenacity fibres that make up a perforation-resistant textile insole. The worker’s heel, when stepping on, will come into direct contact with a foamed polyurethane material with highly ergonomic properties. Airfal, the footwear line incorporating this new Rebound System technology, is available in 3 models: AF10, AF20 and AF30Boa. Models with updated, modern designs, with a sportive look and high mechanical resistance due to their components.

As common elements, all 3 models comply with EN ISO 20345 with protection level S3+SRC+CI. With aluminium safety toecap and textile anti-puncture sole pad, non-metallic, extraordinarily light in weight and flexible; a perfect mix of comfort and protection. The polyurethane inner layer is located on top of the sole pad, with great ergonomic properties provided by the Rebound system technology.

The outsoles are made of hydrocarbon resistant TPU, antistatic (ESD) and SRC slip resistant..

The AF10 model is made with textile that is ultra-resistant to mechanical aggressions and highly breathable. It also incorporate an inner lycra sock that makes it easy to put on and take off the footwear, as well as for a better fit.

The AF20 model is made in a light, adaptable fabric, with high breathability and with retro-reflective trims for greater safety in outdoor work. Like the previous model, it also includes an inner Lycra sock. The AF30Boa model is made from a mixture of microfiber and breathable fabric, and the fit system is not by means of laces but with the innovative Boa Fit System, for fast, optimal fit.

Modern design, comfort and ergonomicsstrong> in a very resistant safety footwear is now possible thanks to Fal Seguridad and its Airfalfootwear.